Meta Operating System: multi-player, multi-site Web environments.
Next Generation Websites: intuitive app suite, with seamless navigation, offline browsing, safe APIs & components.
Hacker Heaven: uses standard languages, making it a joy for developers. Browser fallbacks, encryption, compiling and compression tech are catered for.
Full-Stack Environment: Tiny Templating is an engine shared by server AND client to enable rendering on both. With a lean NodeJS back-end and mobile optimized front-end components, you can easily make your own metaverse.
Pioneering Interface: asthetics and natural geometry drive the daring graphical ensemble. With instant theme switching, sound effects, power widgets, a live demo/help system and a multidimensional file commander.
Divine Intellect: smaller than Vue but loftier than Wordpress, Meta-OS is a purist's dream, the only web framework that facilitates apps within apps over multiple domains.
Ultimate Power: Algorithmic wizardry provides modular on-demand JavaScript, CSS & HTML, streaming, preconfigured noSQL databases, and plug-in support. You can run the photo editor, e-mail, & music sequencer concurrently!
Universal Deployment: touchscreen phone, IE9, laptop or TV? It's tiny, fast and friendly

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Meta-OS powered showcase domains.

Sound Track music maker
Gang Town social communities
Taro Chess game & cards
Player One multimedia gallery
Thomas Lumley fine artist

Generations of Evolution

-OPs showcase homepage (1996)
Jem mail/calendiary/contacts (2000)
Own OS operating environment (2004)
Delta appocalypse conversion (2008)
Meta-OS full-stack system launch (2012)
Gang Town community apps (2016)
The Club special access program (2020)

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Digest a brief history of Meta-OS on the info page, which also features inspiration and charity!
Article: Git is Shit
Article: Globals Rule
Article: Type Casting
Article: ECMA Six Sucks
Article: Best Practice for Dumbing Down
JS1K 2014: Dracarys
JS1K 2012: Hyperspace Hearts
Article: JavaScript for Perl Programmers


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