Git is Shit

Pet projects do not need version control systems

Meta-OS has always been over a decade ahead of all other Web stacks. But how does a solo webmaster so easily beat the "might" of Google and Facebook?
It was designed correctly, sure, and I'm a former astrophysicist rather than a designer-slash-coder, which helps. But it's what I do NOT do that gives me the edge.
  1. No Collaboration
  2. If I want to update the entire codebase to enjoy the latest API, I just do it. I have the entire stack in my head, so I always know which libraries will be affected. Nobody needs to be informed. I don't have to entertain stupid ideas, explain my thinking, or compromise in any way. I don't have to teach retarded "programmers" why I'll never use TTD, or fucking pair with them.
  3. No Meetings
  4. I never do a stand up. I don't have an advertising department explaining why they want to ruin the site with trackers that give them no insights whatsoever. I don't have to explain how the new feature I'm adding (just for the joy of it) will add value to the business. I don't have to fall asleep listening to some self-serving cunt going into depth about their narrow point of view.
  5. No external libraries
  6. Of course I break this rule, but I review every candidate file before inclusion.
  7. No Git
  8. As version control systems go, Git is quite good. But Meta-OS is not an operating system, it just sits on top of one (or two, including the browser!) Websites are fucking easy to make, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I make monthly zips of the codebase. That's it. Takes 5 seconds. When I make a big enough fuck-up to warrant a rollback, I just go to the most recent zip that did not contain the change. I hardly ever fuck up, after learning to only write code that I knew would work in advance, because back then there was no undo, and expensive 1.44Mb floppy disks were precious, so backups were a luxury.