Next-Gen Web Worlds

Meta-OS allows modern websites to be deployed effortlessly

Here are some example widgets, each created with one line of markup:

Dynamic component

Extended Event Methods

touch me

Enhanced Dates



Hoverscroll within hoverscroll


This PWA renders after 200 KB (or 20 KB without JS, or 0-2 KB if cached), and the entire site download is under 300 KB. Browsing any page downloads all templates, enabling instant navigation using pushState.

The framework supports multi-site and multi-staging, and checks for template validity, assets, and dupes

Uniquely modular on-demand libraries

Reactive automagical extraction of HTML/CSS/JS, concatenation, minification, gzipping and logging

A powerful theme engine allows instant

for background and foreground elements, independently

A suite of client-side helpers, for animation, multimedia, accessibility, file-handling, MongoDB commands and more


Auto CSS-prefixing, shorthand, mobile-ready and Firefox/Webkit/Edge-friendly out of the box.

Built in SEO (search engine optimisation) page delivery for no-script web crawler robots or pure serverside rendering - reload this page without JavaScript to see it in action

+ plus +

Full API-handling functionality: before page load, on render, on-demand

Galleries for music, pictures and video; animated backgrounds; instant pushState page transitions

File Commander, Vector Painter, Tarot Chess, Book Reader apps

All in under 2 MB! (9 MB unpacked and installed)


A full system for powering websites.

META-OS works well with the following superior libraries:

MongoDB, THREE.js, Electron, SJCL, speak.js, Tachyons, js1k.com, GLSL sandbox, modplayer, socket.io, zip.js, ie9.js, cryptojs, riffwave...

META-OS directly replaces the following inferior libraries:

React, Express, jQuery, Angular, Sass, Webpack, Vue, Gulp, Lodash, Polymer, Dust, Jade, Material Design, Elm, Connect, Ember, Aurelia, Marko, Stylus...

Not included or covered in this distro:

testing frameworks; command-line tools; IDEs; monitoring & deployment