Meta Operating System: multi-player, multi-site Web environments.
Next Generation Websites: intuitive app suite, with seamless navigation, offline browsing, safe APIs & components.
Full-Stack Environment: Tiny Templating is an engine shared by server AND client to enable rendering on both. A lean NodeJS back-end with mobile optimized front-end components.
Pioneering Interface: easily realize your vision, with instant theme switching, sound effects, power widgets, a live-demo/help-system and a multidimensional file commander. Natural geometry gives the graphical ensemble its asthetic form.
Hacker Heaven: uses standard languages, making it a joy for developers. Browser fallbacks, encryption, compiling and compression tech are built-in.
Divine Intellect: smaller than Vue but loftier than Wordpress, Meta-OS is a purist's dream, a daring web framework that facilitates apps within apps over multiple domains.
Ultimate Power: Algorithmic wizardry provides modular on-demand JavaScript, CSS & HTML, streaming, preconfigured noSQL databases, and plug-in support. You can run the photo editor, e-mail, & music sequencer concurrently!
Universal Deployment: for old phones, touchscreen tablets and gargantuan desktops, it's fast, compact, and friendly

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Meta-OS powered showcase domains.

Sound Trax music maker
De Andere Krant national newspaper
Taro Chess game & cards
Player One multimedia gallery
Thomas Lumley fine artist

Generations of Evolution

-OPs interface design (1996)
Jem mail/calendiary/contacts (2000)
Meta-OS.com domain name (2002)
Own OS community environment (2004)
Delta mobile apps (2008)
Node.js backend server (2012)
Gang Town productivity suite (2016)
Ster back office (2018)
The Club special access program (2024)

Rants & Stuff

Article: Git is Shit
Article: Globals Rule
Article: Type Casting
Article: ECMA Six Sucks
Article: Best Practice for Dumbing Down
JS1K 2014: Dracarys
JS1K 2012: Hyperspace Hearts
Article: JavaScript for Perl Programmers

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