History of Invention

J'Ops (1996)

Circons. Portals. Navball. Press-and-hold. Frame star. Adaptive layout. Multi-column directory.

Apps: Street Fighter World, Player One Music, Graphics & Comic Art, Links, CLI.

JEM (2000)

Multiple apps on single page. App heads with collapsible bodies. Contact circles. Reload-free comms and redrawing. Springups. Animated background.

Apps: Mail Reader & Composer, Infinite Calendar, Picture Contacts, Instant Messenger.

OwnOs (2004)

0-click scrolling and app rolling. By-example "2up" helpsystem. Groups of groups. Trinary switches. Humanised root folder & multi-format directories. On-demand codeload.

Apps: Cypher, Bills, Calc, Browser, E-shot, Goods, Mail, Music, Questionaire, Tasks, Tarot Reader, SampleTracker, Write.

Meta:Delta (2008)

Instant switching of animated backgrounds, fonts and decor. Smart scale support for devices from 320×240 touchscreen to hi-def desktops. Timestream.

Apps: Tarot Magus, Bionumerology, OCD, Secret Scrolls, Poker Pal (for Android & the Web)

Meta-OS (2012)

Full-stack web operating system with dual client/server render engine. HTML5-powered webapps, Node.js & mongo.DB API & resumable zippy file server.

Apps: Taro Chess, Vector Paint, Magus, Gallery, Arkon font, 360° cursor.

GangTown (2016)

Meta-Powered town server featuring a multi-dimensional file browser, which combines media, events, people and more into a seamless collaborative social experience.

Apps: Stocktrump - asset management and logistics for warehouses and businesses; Terranize - 3D Multiplayer Online Game; Font Creator - typography webapp; Views - relax to 3D dreamscapes.


Brendan Eich for Javascript - Tim B-Lee for HTML - Joe Hewitt for FireBug


Acorn - AMOS - SoundTracker - Deluxe Paint - X-Copy - Netscape - Total Commander - Napster - Photoshop - XMPlay - Enlightenment - Red Sector - Mr. Do! - OutRun - Elite - Repton Infinity - Populous - Bitmap Brothers - agar.io - 2001


Acorn - Amiga - Capcom - Casio - Contactees - Fairlight - Gnostics - Hacker News - High Council - Paradox - Peter Haworth - Rebels - Stack Overflow - The Register - Saints - Svalbard - The Scene - WingMakers - World Government of World Citizens

Setting the Mood

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