player one proudly presents


By using, modifying, storing or exchanging any part of this software and data (CODE) you agree to live and abide by this idealogical and legal contract:

  1. The CODE is spelled ideas. Like one's thoughts, it can be shared with, but not owned by another man.
  2. I harm the author of the CODE by exploiting or profiting from the CODE without justly compensating the author.
  3. I will only use the code to do what is good, honourable, loving and just, and to thwart those who inflict misery and suffering.
  1. The author of the CODE is its sole owner. Being primarily electromagnetic in nature, the CODE falls only under Natural, or Common Law.
  2. Before I reuse or modify the CODE I must gain permission from its owner.
  3. I am prepared for my data or service to be lost, as I use the CODE at my own risk.
  4. I may only judge the CODE if I have written equally elite software.
  5. Permission must be gained from the owner regarding the way the CODE is attributed, commercially exploited, and derived from.
  6. Accompanying library backup archives will only be accessed for reports and studies.
  7. This living contract shall be referenced in all forms and derivations of the CODE.

You fully accept these conditions by referencing or possessing CODE contained on this website.

By order, >Δ< Emperor of Counia

For further clarification, and licencing enquiries, get in contact.