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Show HN: Wiki of COVID19 open-source projects,trackers,hackathons,guides,masks: 1

I have made this wiki/directory using Webflow+Jetboost(for the filters, search). a one stop wiki for COVID-19 resources: trackers, dashboards, projects, hackathons, guides, donations, masks, ventilators, volunteering opportunities, offers/free tools. Something for everybody.

I am aware that categories aren't shown on each item right now. That's an issue with Webflow, workaround a bit complex. Will try to implement. Also, this is my 1st Show HN :)

I am available on Twitter[1] for any feedback. Twitter announcement [2]

[1] https://twitter.com/_iamShashank_ [2] https://twitter.com/_iamShashank_/status/1244326596963598337 - shacrw 2 months ago