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Show HN: Colors.lol – Overly descriptive color palettes: 54

I can’t find the source now, but does anyone remember the collection of color names based on real things? It felt meaningful to remember the spectrum of colors that way (instead of arbitrary qualifiers), but now I can’t find it. - undershirt 2 months ago

Awesome! You might consider using colors from Janelle's famous color names experiment[0].

[0] https://tmblr.co/ZP7VLs2LxVDcI -- part 2! - chris_st 2 months ago

I've been using this resource: http://chir.ag/projects/name-that-color/ in naming CSS colour variables for years. It can often help with that gray-700/800/900 or gray-light/lighter/lightest issue where another colour needs to be added to the palette between existing values. - parkersweb 2 months ago

This great. I can't wait to see if I can sneak some of these names into my next project.

In the past I've used zeke's color-namer[0] package to nail down color names. But, anything that stops names like $color-bluish-white is a win.

[0]https://github.com/colorjs/color-namer - dragonshed 2 months ago

Not palettes, but for the authoritative "name" of a given color, I turn to the results of xkcd's color survey: https://blog.xkcd.com/2010/05/03/color-survey-results/ and the list at https://xkcd.com/color/rgb/ - Amorymeltzer 2 months ago

This is great stuff. I make video games and its some times hard to find what colors would go good with others. This is a nice collection I think.

Also, it looks like it would be great for deciding colors for a pitch deck/presentation. Good stuff. - CodiePetersen 2 months ago

I like the color names, but am a bit disappointed there are multiple names for the same color, e.g. #000000 is 'divorced black' in one palette, and 'contributable black' in another. - soonix 2 months ago

I think you can see what colorblind people see with glasses, maybe I don't know if we all see the same colors or we take it for obvious because we all set it, what a fear, enter here to see how I see https://reason.com/2020/02/26/trump-campaign-files-libel-law... - loloroca 2 months ago

Some of these palettes aren't accessible to the colorblind. For example, "gorgeous light lavender" and "endothermic neon blue" are identical to me. - ebeip90 2 months ago

Lol, but I was a bit disappointed to find only the individual colours named. I was expecting to see overly pretentious names for the palettes themselves. - hanoz 2 months ago

if the author(s) are reading this, the names seem to have gotten switched around on this one:


  outward-bound slate grey      #F19E8E
  unstatesmanlike reddish grey  #98756F
  cross-sectional blush         #58656D
the first and last names are swapped. - uryga 2 months ago

Didn’t know that lol was a tld but i did lol - werber 2 months ago

Hilarious! A good friend is a color designer (selects palettes for major product lines) and she will love this. - code_duck 2 months ago

[deleted] - 2 months ago

It feels so satisfying to be able to finally name these colors. - yamrzou 2 months ago

Is it different from https://www.colourlovers.com/ ? - reffaelwallen 2 months ago

Even aside from the color names, these color combinations are fantastic! Are they auto-generated? - foobarian 2 months ago

"Lousy Watermelon"

Thanks for this laugh! :D - runxel 2 months ago

This is awesome. Bookmarked. Thank you - salimmadjd 2 months ago

I took two of your colors, lol. :D hehe Thanks a lot! - thecodrr 2 months ago

This is super awesome. Thank you for making this! - Der_Einzige 2 months ago

great resource with a sense of humor. loving the "contributable black" - teslademigod1 2 months ago

Those look like awesome purses - personjerry 2 months ago

Love the clean UX. Obligatory reminder/request to add wide-color support for colors-focused apps/services (where it makes sense):

https://webkit.org/blog/6682/improving-color-on-the-web/ - Razengan 2 months ago

annihilating duck egg blue (#C3FBF4) is a personal favorite. - _eht 2 months ago