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Ask HN: What are some current shortages you were surprised by?: 9

Common sense - daleholborow 2 months ago

Had to redo my online shopping cart three times because of components going out of stock before I finished making my selection... sigh I knew I should have bought it last night but I slept on it and now that lambda a++ psu will have to wait - dustractor 2 months ago

Toilet paper. Post apocalypse media usually uses soda, sugar, cigarettes, Twinkies as currency, but nobody mentions toilet paper.

Bread shortages were unexpected too, in a nation that mostly eats rice. - muzani 2 months ago

US, Austin: I was surprised by shortage of coffee and peanut butter. - dzonga 2 months ago

Germany: yeast in supermarkets (people bake more at home?), weights in ecommerce (those having to skip the gym training at home?) - mtmail 2 months ago

Gym barbells/weights/racks/dumbbells are sold out nation-wide in Australia - coolestguy 2 months ago