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Ask HN: Career growth – when to stop climbing, am I at my upward movement limit?points: 6
comments: 4
Ask HN: Ways to sync Jira and GitHub issues?points: 4
comments: 0
Ask HN: Best ways to retain qualified employees?points: 85
comments: 147
Ask HN: Would you be interested in a Python to WebAssembly compiler?points: 4
comments: 2
Ask HN: What weird or hard problems are you trying to solve?points: 345
comments: 758
Tell HN: Giving away my homebrew windmillpoints: 170
comments: 39
Ask HN: Rejected from FB, what was your experience like?points: 3
comments: 0
Ask HN: What's the most time-consuming part of your job as freelance developer?points: 19
comments: 12
Ask HN: Do you know of a US news RSS feed with a high signal to noise ratio?points: 6
comments: 1
Ask HN: Open-Source Social Media Feeds Aggregatorpoints: 2
comments: 1
Ask HN: Tips for improving mental word retrieval?points: 5
comments: 1
Reintroducing Dip – My take on a programming language for beginnerspoints: 6
comments: 5
Tell HN: Airbnb now opts in your name and photo to data sharingpoints: 390
comments: 104
Ask HN: What is the sqlite of graph databases?points: 13
comments: 7
Ask HN: Why search in Android 10 settings is slower than search on Google?points: 11
comments: 2
Ask HN: Tell me about your dev machinepoints: 4
comments: 16
Ask HN: Nicks how often are they used these days?points: 11
comments: 14
Ask HN: Can someone help me find this inventor?points: 10
comments: 4
Ask HN: What's the deal with overlapping NYC IPs?points: 17
comments: 24
Tell HN: iBooks has deleted all my downloaded bookspoints: 52
comments: 36
How to grow my hosting company?points: 3
comments: 2
Ask HN: How are distributed systems as a field of study compared to ML/AI?points: 4
comments: 6
Ask HN: Is it rational to be afraid of mailing my list due to unsubscribes risk?points: 36
comments: 61
Ask HN: As an engineering leader, what resources do you follow to stay updated?points: 11
comments: 2
Ask HN: Siteuptime.com but running my JavaScript every 5 mins?points: 3
comments: 6
Ask HN: Is anyone using the Web Monetization API?points: 5
comments: 2
Ask HN: Resources for Learning API Developmentpoints: 4
comments: 1
Ask HN: Is there a way to find why I am being shown certain ads?points: 2
comments: 4
Ask HN: Are there any messaging apps supporting Markdown?points: 19
comments: 12
Ask HN: What do you use to store recipes?points: 3
comments: 10