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Slack Is Going Public at a id="hacker-news" keep="div"6B Valuationpoints: 325
comments: 390
Pock: Display macOS Dock in Touch Barpoints: 268
comments: 94
A janitor at Frito-Lay invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetos (2017)points: 571
comments: 276
Smoltcp: A small TCP/IP stack in Rustpoints: 38
comments: 12
Why Google+ Failedpoints: 20
comments: 36
Use YouTube to improve your English pronunciationpoints: 568
comments: 161
Ask HN: What are the signs that you have a great manager?points: 89
comments: 35
Things We Lost in the Flood: A Massively Multiplayer Loneliness Simulatorpoints: 126
comments: 19
XLNet: Generalized Autoregressive Pretraining for Language Understandingpoints: 36
comments: 3
Linode GPU Instancespoints: 120
comments: 48
Canada becomes first G20 country to ban trade in shark finspoints: 96
comments: 4
How to Do Distributed Locking (2016)points: 77
comments: 7
Continuous Partial Attentionpoints: 67
comments: 12
Where Has the Magic Gone?points: 69
comments: 42
A live map of marine trafficpoints: 55
comments: 10
Hit by Ransomware Attack, Florida City Agrees to Pay Hackers $600kpoints: 49
comments: 20
Show HN: We built a Slack emulator to demo our chatbotpoints: 25
comments: 15
The birth and death of a bike company: What happened to SpeedXpoints: 103
comments: 94
Sarah Stewart Revealed the Missing Link Between Viruses and Cancerpoints: 39
comments: 0
Bone music: the Soviet bootleg records pressed on x-rays (2015)points: 50
comments: 9
Show HN: An old terminal HTML templatepoints: 21
comments: 3
Dishcraft Robotics Takes over Dishwashing from Humanspoints: 9
comments: 10
The C standard library function atexit is brokenpoints: 84
comments: 59
Dialog – A domain-specific language for creating works of interactive fictionpoints: 113
comments: 12
Apple explores moving 15-30% of production capacity from Chinapoints: 154
comments: 113
Math.Round opens the browser print dialogpoints: 220
comments: 43
Startups Born of Flint’s Water Crisispoints: 15
comments: 0
Deutsche Bank Faces Criminal Investigation for Potential Money-Laundering Lapsespoints: 65
comments: 7
Ask HN: Best free compute and other resources for startups?points: 316
comments: 131
OneSignal Is Hiring a DevOps Engineer in San Mateopoints: 0
comments: 0


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