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The beauty of functional languages in deep learning – Clojure and Haskellpoints: 182
comments: 63
Two Browsers Walked into a Scrollbarpoints: 22
comments: 4
College, Calculus, and the Problem with the SATpoints: 23
comments: 13
Attempto Controlled Englishpoints: 109
comments: 20
'bic': A C interpreter and API explorerpoints: 68
comments: 9
Can I Email: Caniuse for email clients. Support tables for HTML and CSS in emailpoints: 367
comments: 119
Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine (1998)points: 15
comments: 2
Ask HN: R U OK?points: 149
comments: 113
Energy of the 229 Th nuclear clock transitionpoints: 37
comments: 7
Crispr Gene-Editing May Offer Path to Cure for HIV, First Published Report Showspoints: 47
comments: 30
Is Another Interstellar Visitor Headed Our Way?points: 62
comments: 35
Anti-vax movement effectively reversing decades of progress internationallypoints: 30
comments: 10
Summer heat killed nearly 1,500 in France, officials saypoints: 78
comments: 43
Israel accused of planting mysterious spy devices near the White Housepoints: 118
comments: 70
Parasite SEOpoints: 111
comments: 34
Fast radio bursts from space have baffled scientists for yearspoints: 4
comments: 0
Rock Pi X Intel Cherry Trail Boardpoints: 134
comments: 81
Seeing What Lives in Rainwater by Making a Closed Ecosystem [video]points: 7
comments: 2
A Low-Fare Loophole for International Travelerspoints: 45
comments: 32
Two California hikers found a family's message in a bottle and helped save thempoints: 69
comments: 34
California Approves Statewide Rent Controlpoints: 561
comments: 806
The Drawbacks of Pythonpoints: 32
comments: 33
Chinese Pillow Historypoints: 19
comments: 7
Ban children from gambling in games, MPs saypoints: 162
comments: 183
Water found on a potentially life-friendly alien planetpoints: 552
comments: 345
Immer is a library of persistent and immutable data structures written in C++points: 77
comments: 41
Scientists Find the Skull of Humanity’s Ancestor, on a Computerpoints: 11
comments: 13
A high-speed network driver written in C, Rust, Go, C#, Javapoints: 386
comments: 117
Using ML for Automated RF Side-Channel Attack Classificationpoints: 19
comments: 2
What is the new Apple U1 chip?points: 476
comments: 130


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