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Show HN: ActionsPanel – Manually Trigger Your GitHub Actions: 23

you can also use https://greasyfork.org/de/scripts/394032-github-deployments-... which adds a button for repository_dispatch event directly in your repository, no need to visit a 3party page. - warmuuh 2 months ago

I'm one of the creators of ActionsPanel. As an early adopter of GitHub Actions, this was an obvious feature gap that made it harder to switch off of other CI/CD systems (Jenkins, Circle, etc).

It's been great having a centralized place for all of our code and deployment related activities. The GitHub Actions ecosystem is maturing quickly and we'd like to help with that momentum.

--Charles - csullivan84 2 months ago

Could you also use the repository dispatch custom event? https://help.github.com/en/actions/reference/events-that-tri... - bswinnerton 2 months ago

My biggest problem is having to commit to test changes whilst I'm writing/debugging an action, can this help with that? And if not, does anyone have a good solution for testing an action before committing? If it helps im already using self hosted runners. - soylentgraham 2 months ago

Nice I was looking to test this at work... But not sure if login does not work for me (and my buddy) or something else.... But we kept beeing redirected to the login button - eMerzh 2 months ago

Hey, very amazing tool. It was one of the features I missed the most. Thanks a lot! - thecodrr 2 months ago

Are Github Actions out of beta? I haven't heard any updates about them but i seems its an abandoned feature?? - infinitone 2 months ago

Nice! - v_paliy 2 months ago