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Show HN: Introvert – Generative artwork to keep you off your phone: 91

Hey! Thank you for your interest and comments!

Just a bit of background thinking.

The app named Introvert is a generative artwork aimed to help you stay off your phone. Right now we´re being asked to lead a sedentary life (for the sake of others and our own wellbeing). Only the mind is allowed to wonder.

I wish Introvert can help us lead a focused everyday where mindful practise will direct us to make the most of these strange days a head.

It’s rather experiment/art project then productivity app:)

Introvert is free and open source.

Please have a try, I would love to hear any feedback! - ilyayudanov 2 months ago

I don't get what introvert has to do with focus.

Besides that, if you really need to stay off your phone, consider a "distraction free" phone as outlined in the book Make Time by Jake Knapp. Its a solid book but you can also glean that part of it from his blog:


His version might be extreme for some. At the very least disable all notifications (save maybe texts from your SO/children) and delete social media apps. - callmeed 2 months ago

I got touched by:

> The app is free.

> No in-app purchases.

> No advertising.

> We do not collect your data.

> Use the code in any way. - stared 2 months ago

Oooh! I have long wanted something like this, something both compelling and soothing. When I've been doing something intense, it's hard for me to shift my mind into a lower gear; I often find myself back on Twitter or rummaging through the news. This seems like a great alternative.

Edit: Oh no! IOS only! - wpietri 2 months ago

I use Forest (https://www.forestapp.cc/) which does something similar: plants virtual trees (you can pay to plant real ones too) for every time interval when you stayed focused.

I will also try this one when the Android version appears. The generative artwork makes it very compelling. - afita 2 months ago

Cool program. Thanks creating and open sourcing (MIT), @ilyayudanov!

Built with React Native. Source here: https://github.com/IamIntrovert/Introvert - kjhughes 2 months ago

Just curious, why is this named “Introvert”? Is it that this app is thought to be more appealing to introverts? - swampthing 2 months ago

Step 1: minimize or remove social media from phone. Only keep messenger apps.

Step 2: remove all apps and games that require you to use it daily for some sort of reward.

Step 3: eliminate any or all notifications save for messages, email, phone, or automated alerts for particular things (like slickdeals or stocks).

Step 4: treat your phone as a tool, not an entertainment machine. - LeoTinnitus 2 months ago

I don't think setting up a timer on the very device that is distracting you will significantly help you stay away from it, especially on psychological terms. I reckon it will make you dependent on your phone as well, but in a different sense.

In my opinion, the development of deeply-rooted discipline and self-control must primarily--even exclusively--come from one's will, at all times and at all levels, in order to be successful. Otherwise, what are you going to do if you cannot access the app for whatever reason? We need to aspire to have a firm will, not a straightened one (by whomever or whatever external). - Funes- 2 months ago

This looks like a lovely way to replace a pomodoro timer and similar.

I assume there are no plans for an Android version? - skrebbel 2 months ago

I purchased a Kitchen Safe for $50 and lock my phone up 14-15 hours a day. In an emergency, I can smash the safe for $50 and get my phone out. Works wonders for productivity. - yingw787 2 months ago

I investigated where the generation if images where created. Took me some time but it comes from a forked repo from long ago. :)

Here is the code: https://github.com/Elf2707/react-native-image-processor/blob... - reimertz 2 months ago

This looks nice. I’d prefer that the app clearly states upfront that the numbers are in minutes, instead of someone having to guess what it is. It’d also be nice to start at one minute and have one minute increments for the first 10 minutes. Sometimes one just needs a short break. The current minimum length of 10 minutes seems too long for that. - wtmt 2 months ago

A little more padding for the top buttons to distance them from the notification bar a little would be great! - sakekasi 2 months ago

Love it, please do an android version! - qwertygerty 2 months ago

Sorry if this is a naïve question. Once you have the timer running, are you supposed to keep focus on the art getting generated or you can focus on the work you are doing? (Say reading, in that sense you are focused on the reading and not touching your phone). - mandliya 2 months ago

Nice! Looking forward to the android version.

Small nitpick: change "an unique" to "a unique". - laurieg 2 months ago

I found a glitch/bug: you can accidentally go back to the launch screen (with no way to go forward other than force-closing the app) if you swipe near from the edge right below or above the number scroller/selector. - shujito 2 months ago

Hey, If you are the author, the design details are not visible in the video (I am on my mac), I mean the details aren't visible. Maybe edit the video to zoom on the design when it starts generating for a few seconds? - mkagenius 2 months ago

In a similar vein, a friend of mine released a really simple finger labyrinth app awhile back:

https://www.labyrinthjourney.app/ - Fr0styMatt88 2 months ago

I have found that all these distraction elimination apps are ultimately useless once their novelty wears off.

The only truly lasting way I found to stay off my phone is to wear an Apple Watch and leave my phone at home. - xwdv 2 months ago

[deleted] - 2 months ago

"Attention, the ability to pay it and where it is directed, is the most valuable tool..."

Oh snap, the MOST valuable tool. Shit. ADD is really holding me back. - nemacol 2 months ago

I like your thing.

I posted it to http://reddit.com/r/generative

Are you familiar? - swayvil 2 months ago

It's like you are co-opting reality here. An alternative to the phone-dream presented within that very dream. - swayvil 2 months ago

Interesting use of generative technologies - saratv 2 months ago

hmmm....subliminal mind control - bawana 2 months ago

is there an android version? - boromi 2 months ago

Love it! - hestefisk 2 months ago

Cute! - rosstex 2 months ago