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Show HN: Neo.mjs – Webworker-driven UI framework: 29

This seems to be handling asynchronous loading very poorly. In the COVID-19 demo, trying to interact with things while it was still loading rapidly broke the VDOM and messed the entire app’s state up so that it was pretty much completely broken until I reloaded the page. In the RealWorld demo, interacting with things faster than it’s getting stuff from the network didn’t crash anything, but it made it do the wrong thing in the UI fairly regularly. Also it was disconcerting when clicking on links and such seemed to do nothing for a while—no indication that it’s actually trying to do anything. The end result was that everything felt extremely sluggish, and also history entries weren’t being added and the Back button was fairly consistently doing the wrong thing.

All up, I’m afraid I found it decidedly unpleasant to interact with. - chrismorgan 2 months ago

Please please please please please do not hijack browser controls.... I went to the helix page, tried to hit back, and it has been hijacked to "move backwards" in the helix. That is the WORST thing you could possibly do - derision 2 months ago

I'm a little confused as to why the readme rants (entirely accurately) about text templating ... and then shows an example in react, which isn't using text templating at all.

In fact, the code jsx compiles into (which, yeah, you said no compilation in dev so that argument applies, sure) is not honestly that different to the JSON structure for the DOM, it's just made out of function calls rather than nested objects but the "returns what's basically a data structure" is still there.

(I'm mentioning this not to complain, but because it's so obviously Not Even Wrong that it looks like a brain fart and is probably worth correcting) - mst 2 months ago

> EXTREME performance

[Violation] 'requestAnimationFrame' handler took 1210ms

Tried a few of the demo's and they're very sluggish. - caspervonb 2 months ago

I don't know what the project is claiming but the demo is running quite slowly. that's all i can say. - pictur 2 months ago

Please allow others to step in and comment, otherwise this just seems PR. - kreetx 2 months ago

Cool, looks like the WebWorker examples I saw with React and Yew. - k__ 2 months ago

On touchscreens, there is an off by one bug in the date selector. Switching between data and table mode takes a second or two on the COVID page. - ampdepolymerase 2 months ago

First load was unresponsive, just empty tables and graphs. Blazing fast on refresh. Firefox on Windows 10 Workstation - vsskanth 2 months ago

just updated the main readme once more to highlight some of the new things.

feedback appreciated! - tobiu 2 months ago

v1.1.0 just got released on npm. - tobiu 2 months ago

Wished you would stop spamming your projects to multiple subreddits every few days. It's really annoying and it feels like all you want is money.

As other already stated the complex examples don't even run smooth at all. - ndlsp666 2 months ago

Dear fellow devs,

if I may ask you to take a look into a 2nd () post in my entire life-time, this is the one.

neo.mjs - just hit 5000 commits () and 400 GitHub stars.

It has been a blast since the public release and there are more new features & enhancements than I can even mention here.

In short: The concept of neo.mjs is, that the framework & the apps which you build run within a separate thread (webworker) which leads to an idle main thread with an incredible performance.

The framework is based on top of ES8 and can run without any JS related builds.

At the moment I am mostly pushing the covid19 demo app, to create a perfect showcase for you on how to craft apps using the framework. A new wrapper for amCharts is in place: you can now simply add the chart config json into the component tree.

In case you have not looked at the neo.mjs yet, now is the time!

() The first one was the public release announcement on Nov 23, 2019

() 3720 commits prior to the public release

online demos here: https://neomjs.github.io/pages/ - tobiu 2 months ago