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Show HN: Write.md – a shareable distraction-free Markdown editor: 72

I use a self-hosted HackMD (now CodiMD) [1] instance for this. The hosted version pushes more and more towards account creation but you can start without account by visiting [2] directly.

They have real time collaboration and a long list of additional plugins [3] that allow all kinds of nice collaboration use cases. For example it is possible to convert some bullet points into a presentation with minimal effort.

What does Write.md provide compared to HackMD? Not affiliated with HackMD, just a happy user and always curious about alternatives.

[1] https://github.com/hackmdio/codimd [2] https://hackmd.io/new [3] https://hackmd.io/features - eipi-1 2 months ago

Dillinger is my online Markdown editor of choice, having a look between the two it's far beyond this solution in features.


https://github.com/joemccann/dillinger - gravitas 2 months ago

I've been using https://stackedit.io/. They look very similar. - ollo 2 months ago

Something's off with scrolling. If I scroll the editor, the viewer seems to follow but actually it's not in sync. For example, I can see the two bottom sections in the editor ("What is markdown", etc.), but they aren't yet visible in the viewer. Once I reach the bottom of the editor, the viewer suddenly jumps to the bottom. - laurent123456 2 months ago

Does it support a 400k* word text file without slowing down to a crawl (i.e. a 5-10 second lag between a keypress and a change)? I've tried many markdown editors for my novel, and sadly most editors fail this very basic test :(

* Edit: I misread the output of wc. The novel is ~70k words, ~400k characters. Leaving the 400k figure above because of the discussion that follows, because it should still be a reasonable use case, and because it makes even more surprising that most editors fail this even more basic test. - ggambetta 2 months ago

is there something similar for AsciiDoc ?

AsciiDoc is a standardized format that's just as simple as MD. But far more features.

Have been looking for something that lets us author asciidoc documents, but markdown (with varying standards) seems far more popular. some of these end up as not being Github compatible or whatever.

FYI - asciidoc (.adoc) files are rendered by Github. https://github.com/asciidoctor/asciidoctor/blob/master/READM... - sandGorgon 2 months ago

Very similar webapp that I use: https://markdown.pioul.fr/

Extensions also available for major browsers. - notRobot 2 months ago

This is going to be very useful! Keep it up. I will be using this on and off so how can I contact you in case of bugs? Is this open source? - thecodrr 2 months ago

Hi, looks good. I'm curious about the inline variables and mustache template syntax. Haven't seen them in any other markdown dialect. Anyone else using them? - privatemonkey 2 months ago

In the File dropdown the "Toggle Preview" and "Toggle Editor" buttons seem to be swapped but otherwise this looks pretty cool! - t0astbread 2 months ago

Great job. Would be nice if it could handle basic HTML (<ul><li><sup>) - nickriebe 2 months ago

Looks great, perhaps add a preview button instead of editing the url? Hard for mobile users. - antman 2 months ago

Great! Needed such a tiny markdown editor and shareable also UX wise looks great. - tomerbd 2 months ago

Cool. Perhaps add revisions too to avoid losing all work when shared. - saratv 2 months ago