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Show HN: RxResume – A free and open-source resume builder: 68

There is also https://resumake.io/ which generates resume as a latex document. Github repo https://github.com/saadq/resumake.io - ducaale 2 months ago

This is a great app! But it is so weird seeing photos on a CV. In the UK it is almost totally unheard of. And most large organisations will have an HR department which would blank them out.

Your CV is for judging your work history and experience. What can I learn from a photo that I would legally be able to take a decision about? - edent 2 months ago

This is literally the best thing ever. I love the fact that you have everything I could ever want - colors, refresh the screen right away, and different designs too.

Bonus points for keeping everything offline because if I use this I would be afraid you would be keeping track of my keystrokes as I type in all of my personal information into the form. < - Please don't ever do this, anyone who may read this comment. - bobblywobbles 2 months ago

I am working on a "post-resume" product that helps developers express their skills, interests and preferences in a way that seeks to better connect devs to opportunities and eliminate the repetitive and low value questions in most phone screens.

It's very alpha, but I'd love to hear what folks think. Here's an example profile:


I plan to ship a public GraphQL API that makes your data available for any use you can imagine, including generating a "standard" resume or building a personal website. - crabasa 2 months ago

I started typing in a hex colour, and the page disappeared. And it’s persistently broken. (This is probably the biggest problem with storing persistent data, even including persistent caches of server data: if it’s broken, it stays broken. A great strength of the web historically was that reloading the page made things work again.)

Other than that, it looked better than most such things I’ve seen. - chrismorgan 2 months ago

Ah, I did something similar at some point when looking for a job.

Only has a single template though. But my main concern was being able to export to both word and pdf, because recruiters always want word documents.


I really like the way the templates look on yours :)

May have to try and implement live preview myself. - Aeolun 2 months ago

This is really great! It's easy to use, intuitive, and overall just really well done.

Small heads up, there are many dead scrollbars: https://i.imgur.com/FImuHVn.png

If you are developing on OSX, I recommend turning on scrollbars to make detecting dead scrollbars easier. - city41 2 months ago

Do you support a feature like importing data from jsonresume.org. One nice thing about jsonresume is the json data is hosted in gist and once I append it to jsonresume.org/registry[github handle], I can view my resume directly in browser. - aladine 2 months ago

[deleted] - 2 months ago

I've encountered some bugs on Safari. When attempting to scroll through the categories on the left and right sides, the selected entries are not visible.

Screenshot: https://ibb.co/SKxjMFf

Tested on: Safari 13.1 / MacOS 10.15.4

It looks OK on Opera 67. - vladvasiliu 2 months ago

Really love this, nice job!

Curious, do you have any interest in having the ability to import/export from the various cloud storage vendors (Dropbox, GDrive, possibly even Github Gist), or do you feel like it would go against the offline/"no servers" theme of the app? - dbattaglia 2 months ago

This is a very nice resume builder. I like the aesthetics and will port my current LaTeX CV over to this next time I am on job search. Would be awesome if you could add "export as HTML" functionality so it can be hosted on webpages too. - gillesjacobs 2 months ago

Nice UI! A few comments:

- It would be nice to be able to see a preview of the template in full size

- How do you export the résumé at the end?

- I couldn't find the code. Where is it? - dethi 2 months ago

Really good project. The only issue that I am facing is entire resume is messed up while printing it from Firefox.

Everything else is perfect! - rohan1024 2 months ago

Very nice other than the picture. I suppose one could upload their family crest or something. - stjohnswarts 2 months ago

IN mainland China, pictures are used to filter out the pretty people. - the_resistence 2 months ago

This is amazing, thanks for making this for free. - Hanson762nh 2 months ago

This is a really neat project! Good job. - gregd 2 months ago

Love the app and approach to privacy. - kriskaminski 2 months ago

Not that I use it, but do really like this initiative to make resumes machine readable:

https://jsonresume.org/ - ShorsHammer 2 months ago